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Still alive...

Just in case anyone was wondering. Lately I've been getting back at the housework, and for some reason, the Chorewars site appears to be working as a motivational tool (for at least a week now). I'm not too sure why - I think it's the combination of the appeal to the GamerGirlGeek in me, and the fact that it acts as a recognition of what I *do*, rather than what I leave undone. So far it's prompted a major explosion of domesticity - mainly in the kitchen, I'll admit, and it hasn't moved out of there, but what this means is I've cleared the kitchen benches, scrubbed down the stovetop, and swept and mopped the floor in there for the first time in months. Now I just have to maintain that level of chores, which so far isn't hard. I'm also managing to clear the backlog of dishes which need to be done (I can now see the island bench on a daily basis!) and I've spent a fair old whack of time figuring out how to balance the XP so I'm not gaining a level every second day or so.

Like I said, it appeals to the GamerGeek in me. I got a chance to roll up treasure and such from my D&D DMG, and my next stage is figuring out appropriate monsters for various "quests". It's keeping me occupied, and giving me a reason to do the housework beyond "I suppose I ought to".

A few weeks ago, Himself managed to pick up some bookcases on the extremely cheap (ie free) from a government agency which was replacing them. We now have four double-width genuine faux jarrah bookcases, three of which are now occupying various walls in my bedroom, and are stuffed with my books. The fourth is scheduled to go into my study/den/office when I finally clear enough space to move it in there, and when it does, the last three boxes of books will be shoved onto it. At that point, I will have discovered that mystic point known as "enough shelf space", which will most likely prompt me to immediate action, such as getting some more books. Of such things is life made. In the meantime, before I can start making space for the bookshelf, I have to put together the storage cabinet I purchased months ago, so I can use that to store stuff which is currently occupying the space where the bookshelf is supposed to go.

I am organised, honest. It's just that it doesn't look like it to outsiders.

My office/den/study is the next room on the list to get tidied up (one room each week, fifteen minutes per day, and then on to the next). The new tidying week starts Saturday.
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