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In which Six Apart manglement assume the position of the circular firing squad

Oh, and all the comments here: (start at about page three).

I see 6A have been at it again. Y'know, I'm starting to be tempted by Blogger. After all, I already have the gmail account and the Google stuff - Blogger is just the next step along the way. It'll be a pity - this journal's been up for something like four years, and it's been paid all the way, with extra icons and all the rest. But quite honestly - twice in three months? Plus server hiccups, power outages - Six Apart, you really need to do some thinking.

Little hint for those in the know, if any of them are looking at this page: if you want to host a social networking site, you have to be prepared for people to actually use it for, oh, I dunno, social networking, maybe. This means that the shit you throw at one person in fandom is likely to come around and hit you something like a thousandfold. I heard about this through the first link. I did a bit more research and found the others. I'm not even that closely tied to fandom, and I'm certainly not part of the Harry Potter fandom.

Yup, Blogger's starting to look really good now.

ETA: Okay, it started to look so good, I decided to start a blog of my own there. Don't panic, I won't be giving this blog up any time soon. But I may well be duplicating posts from one side to the other.
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