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The joys of technology, part the second

Well, overnight my keyboard decided it was going to continue self-destructing. This morning, the only working vowels were a and e, and most of the consonants on the right hand keys weren't working either. So I'm now using a spare that Himself happened to have lying around.

I believe I may have to see about replacing my pooter at some point in the near-to-medium future. The current one has USB ports which don't work, and makes one heckuva racket whenever it's running, beside being low on space on the hard drive (which astounds me, since at 60GB, I was expecting never to run out... of course, this was before I got interested in The Sims 2, and in Dark Age of Camelot, each of which chomp up a tract of space equivalent to the size of my music collection (which is the better part of 12GB in itself)). So I shall have to go a-looking at the options, and see what's available out there.

Which reminds me, I should look into Linux distributions as well. I'm finding I'm sick to death of the Microsoft way of doing things, and it's probably well past time I changed OS. What the heck, the only reason I stuck with winders in the first place was because of the games - and that's what I have the PS2 for now.
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