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You're not winning any friends here, 6A

The last couple of months, the nice team at 6Apart (gods bless and keep them, and may they finally be visited by the Angel of Cluebat at some stage) have been sending me these little friendly "newsletters" about what's going on in LJ-land. Which would be *great* - if I'd signed up for them in the first place. As it stands, I'm reasonably damn certain I *didn't*.

Let me explain this to you, SixApart, if only because I think you're really heading places in the "lose friends and influence people negatively" stakes here: spamming people with friendly little reminders is something you only do with their express invitation. I didn't invite it. I don't want the fucker, and I'm not impressed by it.

Nope, still not renewing that paid account.
Tags: 6apart stuffups, bitching, cynicism, do your fsckin' research dammit, hint hint hint, meta-stuff, rants, technology, the crazy years
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