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Well, so much for that...

Just heard today that my last remaining grandparent died. She'd had a prolapsed disk in her back, and had been in pain for most of the last three weeks, to the point where they had her on morphine. So, on Sunday, I drive down to Esperance (with Himself) for my grandmother's funeral, which will be held on Monday. Then we're going to spend a couple of days down there as a bit of a brief holiday, before heading back up home on Thursday.

On the whole, Nanna had a pretty good innings. She'd made it to 95, and even if in her later years she was starting to drift away from the standard planes of humanity, she was still a very nice old lady. It's odd, though - I don't really feel anything about her death. She was a very old woman, she'd started to forget who I was, and she and I had very little in common during her later years. She's moved on.
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