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Meg's LiveJournal...

Not stupid, not expendable, and not going.

Meg Thornton
6 April
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  • megpie71@livejournal.com
Updated 16 SEP 2007:

Still 5'2" tall. Favourite authors include Terry Pratchett, Bernard Cornwell, Val McDermid, Jasper Fforde, Charles Stross, and J R R Tolkien.

Known fandoms: Discworld, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Once Upon a Time In Mexico, The Boondock Saints, King Arthur, Blake's 7, Dr Who (all Doctors), Final Fantasy VII. I also write originals.

I have grey eyes, dark hair, pale skin, and bad taste in puns. My blood type is one well beloved by both plotbunnies and memes. I'm currently working on writing up my Great Australian Novel (as well as finishing all my outstanding fanfiction). Updates on the statuses of these will occur as and when.

I will tend to friend people without asking them - if I find your LJ interesting, you'll be added to my friends list. This goes both ways - I have no objections to anyone friending me without asking. If you want to link to any posts of mine which aren't locked, go for it. You don't have to let me know, although I would appreciate it if you do. If you're offended by anything I write, feel free to query it - politely. I've worked helpdesk, I've dealt with people who are less-than-polite for the majority of my day. I therefore reserve the right to be less than friendly to people who are rude to me in my private time, vous savez?

A note of disclaimer: This is the information super-highway. Please do not complain to me if your child is injured while playing on the road.

Or in other words, I am an adult, and I will presume my readers are adults. I may well post about adult topics. Deal.

Note to all and sundry, including the manglement of 6 Apart: Following the "strikethrough" events of 2007, and the poor management of both of these debacles, I no longer plan on maintaining a paid account at LiveJournal. While I'll continue using the service, I'm going to drop back to an unpaid account once the money I've already spent runs out. This is not so much a protest, as a gesture of disgust. I refuse to pay out good money in order to support a firm which appears to be incapable of handling such basic things as public relations and policy maintenance.
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